The Dream Keeper Saga: Coming in 2022!

I love reading my kids stories that point to Christ.

I don’t mean overtly-moralistic picture books, or cartoon versions of the Bible (although they can have a role at the family table, too). I mean rich, beautiful, epic stories that carry us through arcs of redemption and hope.

I mean Frodo bearing the ring for Middle Earth, and Aslan stripping Eustace of his scales.

I mean Podo from the Wingfeather Saga stepping into the sea to face the dragons.

Charlotte devoting her webs to saving Wilbur.

Gandalf urging the fellowship to fly, when the balrog dragged him into the abyss. . . a scene that inspired my son to say, in a whisper, “I think he gave himself for the others, Mum. Kind of like Jesus did for us.”

Great stories have the power to enliven the imagination. They carry us to fantastic places we’ve never envisioned, where we can explore with new eyes conflicts, and themes, and dreams common to us all. And the very best, those that linger upon the mind and swell the heart, point us to the One from whom all our hopes spring.

As the events of 2020 sent the world into a tailspin, my yearning for such stories deepened. In response to that yearning, I put pen to paper.

I’m thrilled to announce that in 2022, Crossway will release the The Dream Keeper Saga, a middle-grade fantasy series that I’ve written to help families revel in Christian themes through vivid storytelling

The debut novel, The Dream Keeper Saga: The Dragon and the Stone, is slated to appear on shelves next summer. My hope is that through an engaging fantasy adventure that lingers in the imagination, the novels will inspire families to explore the power of the Gospel with their kids, and share joy and wonder in the process.

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  1. Dianne Marie says:

    Something to look forward to for my great granddaughter and great grandson . The imagination can take us to places where we’re never alone from those we dream about.


    1. Katie Butler says:

      Thank you, dear sister. May the Lord bless and keep you.


  2. Rebekah says:

    So exciting!! Always looking for stories that enliven the mind and quicken the heart to truth and beauty and point to Jesus. Thank you for your stories.


  3. says:

    So excited to hear this! Praying for hearts to hear whispers of truth through the stories, and for you as you write…


    1. Katie Butler says:

      Thank you so much for this encouragement!


  4. Wallace Hui says:

    Can we preorder now? It’s such an exciting news and I don’t want to forget about it.


    1. Katie Butler says:

      Thanks Wallace! It’s not available for preorder yet, but I just learned will be released in May 2022. I’ll post an update when that happens!


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