Love Other Mothers As Thyself

When we disparage fellow mothers in their parenting choices, we note only fail in our mandate to love one another, but also discount God’s sovereign work in parenting.

From desiring God:  Love Other Mothers As Thyself

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  1. Aggie says:

    Love others as you love yourself. I’ve been mulling on that verse for a while now. And it strikes me that perhaps we do not love others, because we do not love ourselves as much. Deep inside, we actually hate ourselves for all our sins, flaws and brokenness. And because we hate ourselves, we hate our neighbors too.

    Knowing how much we’re worth (just a little lower than the angels, crowned with glory and honor), loved by God, chosen by Him, bought with a price, might help us develop a healthy sense of self-love. When we start seeing ourselves as how God sees us (in His image), we’ll be able to forgive ourselves and love ourselves. And love others much. 😃


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