When Flesh and Heart Fail: Why Believers Should Consider Advance Directives

I was honored to write a long-form piece for The Gospel Coalition on advance directives, a topic no one likes to discuss, but which is so important practically and as part of our walk with the Lord. The content of the article reflects discussion in my upcoming book.

When Flesh and Heart Fail: Why Believers Should Consider Advance Directives

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  1. Thomas Carson says:

    Dr. Butler thank you for your article on end of life issues. As a chaplain; I saw the anxiety caused when a loved one had not made known his/her wishes for end of life care. I believe wholeheartedly in advance directives and would take the preparation for an end of life scenario one step further. I encourage believers to talk to their loved ones about what they want. I have seen loved ones just ignore the advance directive because they had not been included in the process. I appreciate your writing about this issue.


    1. Katie Butler says:

      Thank you Rev. Carson, and I absolutely agree! Space unfortunately was limited for the article, so I couldn’t delve into as much as I wanted on the topic, but in my book I try to emphasize that the PROCESS of thinking through our wishes and *communicating* them with family members, matters more than any individual form. Thank you for your work.


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