Why Write?


The urgency of a minute. The fragility of a single breath.

I consider the patients whom I could not save, those whose stillness haunted me after they departed. I ache with the absence of them, souls into whose innermost spaces I plunged my hands, yet whose voices and memories I will never know. I consider them, and the profundity of each moment snaps into focus, its contours and nuances rising from the muddle, piercing through the mist. How precious, the seconds we are given. How awesome, the precise cadence of the heart.

And how quickly, amid traffic, GPS, diapers, grocery store queues, television, and taxes, we discard our miracles. We cast them off, brush them from ourselves as billows of dust. Each particle circles in a frenetic dance, dices the sunlight, then disappears.

In this blog, I hope to capture theĀ blessings of every day. To touch them, breathe them in, marvel before they tumble away in a brittle tangle, careening headlong into the past.

I hope to repose into the knowledge that yes, Lord, my times are in Your hands (Psalm 31:15), and to praise You for every tide, every tear, every ocean swell and beat of the heart.


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