The Wrong Question

“Mum, look! Boulders!” I chuckled to myself as both kids ignored the playground structure slick and glistening in the August sun, and instead darted for a series of rock formations. As their laughter intermingled with the rush of wind through the treetops, I reveled in how few bells, beeps, and whistles kids really need. Forget…

Out of the Depths I Cry to You

My next article on Desiring God discusses how the Psalms offer hope when we need it most, yet are least able to grasp it: while struggling in the shadows of depression. Out of the Depths I Cry to You

Not Mine, but His

I’m struggling. I hesitate to even use the word, as blessings surround me. A friend visited recently who calls Kenya his home, and discussions about the challenges of his neighbors shamed me. In this corner of the world, we bathe in resplendence. Who am I to speak of struggle? Yet I’m grappling spiritually.  For the…

Book Review: Finding Grace in the Face of Dementia

I was honored to write a review for Dr John Dunlop’s new book on grappling with dementia while following Christ. The book is both informative and sensitive, and I’d highly recommend it. The review appears at The Gospel Coalition: Dignity in Dementia

Big Kids Should Cry More

My next article on Desiring God is now up. This one discusses our culture’s tendency to equate weeping with weakness, and how the Bible redirects us. Big Kids Should Cry More

Antimony in the Sandbox, Stars on the Ceiling

“I’m making antimony in the sandbox.” “What?”  “I’m making antimony. It’s is a nitrogen element.  A metalloid.”‘ Despite Pip’s infectious enthusiasm, the three-year old sharing the sandpit with him gathered his excavator and pail, and at his mother’s prompting, retreated to another corner of the playground. Later, Pip pointed to the light over our bathroom…

God Desires Your Heart, Not Your Degree

Discussions with a few readers struggling with the competitiveness and focus on self-promotion in their studies inspired my next article on desiring God:  God Wants Your Heart, Not Your Degree I’ve experienced first hand the murkiness that arises when we endeavor toward a God-honoring pursuit, but must do so within a system mired in idolatry….

Between Life and Death (Coming April 2019!)

On April 30, 2019, my book Between Life and Death: A Gospel-Centered Guide to End-of-Life Medical Care will be released by Crossway! The literally hundreds of heartbreaking meetings I’ve held with patients and their families to discuss tragedies in the ICU inspired the book concept. Over the years I became progressively discouraged by the whirlwind…

Homeschooling: First Year in Review

When I began this journey last summer, I stumbled forward with excitement, energy, and absolute terror. I had no homeschooling peer network upon which to lean, no role model, and no rationale for my approach aside from the needs of my kids and the leanings of my own heart.  Some thought I was crazy. As…