When Medical Techniques Falter, God’s Love Never Will

Too often, the technical routines of the hospital and the checklists of busy clinicians hide reminders of God’s love from view. You may thirst for God, for the cool comfort of his word, but settle for a mouth swab. You may wrangle with questions that steal your breath, but your doctor, too overwhelmed to pause, listens to your chest, shrugs, and hurries on.

Yet when we delve into Scripture, we see that God hears and heeds the cries of his people wandering in the wilderness, be it in the wind-whipped desolation of ancient Arabia or in the monitoring unit of a cardiology wing. His grace in Christ penetrates the lonely corners of the hospital even when no one acknowledges his guiding hand. Even when catheters and monitoring wires entangle you, and even when those around you speak in a foreign language, “the Lord upholds all who are falling, / and raises up all who are bowed down” (Ps. 145:14).

When fear and anguish shake you, he holds you in his righteous hand.

When medical techniques falter, his love for you in Christ never will.

Please join me in declaring his greatness, so we may remember.

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