Prayers for Tim Challies

This morning Tim Challies published a poignant post on his blog recounting his current path in suffering. It so moved me, that I feel compelled to share it here. Many of you likely read his blog and benefit from his discerning curation of ministry resources. Please lift this brother up in prayer, and thank the Lord he continues to cling to God’s promises even in the midst of pain.


Not so well, actually, though I’m truly grateful you asked. I’m not sure if it’s pride or privacy that usually compels me to say “Fine” or “Good” when asked that question, but today I’ll just level with you. “Not so good.” These have been hard days—or maybe better, hard times lived upon lots of good days. I don’t wish to make my life sound tragic. We are just wrapping up our summer, and we enjoyed some tremendous times as family. …

Source: These Have Been Good Days, But Hard Times – Tim Challies

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