Prayer Request for an Amazing Woman

God has blessed our family with unexpected fellowship this year, weaving amazing people from across the globe into our lives. One such friend from afar is Jan Smith. A homeschooling veteran and mom to three impressive women, Jan reached out without any prior connection to me to offer encouragement and mentorship. That she would offer of herself to a stranger speaks to the quality of her heart — generous, compassionate, moved by the Spirit.

Now, Jan ventures into troubled waters. Tomorrow she undergoes debulking surgery for possible ovarian cancer, a new and sudden diagnosis.

In my career, I had the privilege to walk alongside literally thousands of people as they struggled through the travails of serious illness. Yet rarely in the past 15 years have I witnessed someone face these trials with the same steadfastness, faith, and heart for the Lord that Jan articulates. She granted me permission to link to her public blog, in which she voices her thoughts on the path ahead.

Please join me in praying for Jan in anticipation of her surgery tomorrow, and as the days of post-operative and further care unfold. Please thank God for the tender influence she has upon others, even during frightening struggles of her own. Pray God will cover her with his love in the days to come, and infuse her mind and heart the peace that defies all understanding, springing forth from our salvation in Christ.

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