He Loves You Even More Than I Do

My next desiring God article is up. This one I wrote out of compulsion.

He Loves You Even More Than I Do: Letter to My Children


“He knows your every whim and fingerprint, and reigns over every cloud above you, every wave into which you venture (Matthew 10:30; Psalm 139:1–12). As you stumble through this world, see how his workmanship envelopes you. The hands that pressed the dimple into your right cheek, and molded your chin like mine, also stacked Mount Everest skyward. He laces the heavens with stars, and halts the sea in its landward charge (Job 38:8–11, 31–33). All creation whispers of his glory (Romans 1:19–20). Marvel at his handiwork. Study it. Daily pursue wisdom and truth. Seek to know him (Proverbs 1:2–7; 9:10).”

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  1. Laura says:

    As I rock my sick 10 month old Junie this afternoon, both of us exhausted from our early morning ER trip, I need to hear this. God loves my children….more than I.

    The same ER where I used to bring her big sister Noelle so many times the last three years, needing respiratory help, or yet another UTI. Another time explaining her complicated medical history and how she was thriving despite her full Trisomy 18 diagnosis. Just floors below where we had to suddenly say goodbye to her for the last time. I can feel the weight of that room, those earth shattering moments pressing down on me from above.


    1. Katie Butler says:

      Laura, I went to your Facebook page — your little Noelle was so beautiful, and the fervor of your love for her an inspiration to us all. You brought me to tears. I’m honored that my own words were able to bring you some comfort. May the peace of Christ sustain you and your family in this journey.


  2. Lisa says:

    This is so tender and beautifully written. A mother’s heart for her children and the deep desperation for their souls laid bare. This is the cry of my heart as my children reach early adulthood. Through much of my own weakness, I have guided their heart and mind toward the life giving hope of the Gospel. As sweet as our relationship is, I pray that it becomes insignificant compared to the intimacy they have with Christ. Thank you for your timely, thoughtful words, it was a privilege to share them with all my momma friends ❤


    1. Katie Butler says:

      Lisa, thank you so much for the encouragement, and I’m honored to know that the article touched you. Blessings to you and your family.


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