Jack Zulu and the Waylander’s Key: A New Book from S.D. Smith!

S.D. Smith describes his novels as new stories with old souls. It’s just that combination of inventiveness and gospel hope that made his Green Ember series so formative for my kids in the younger years. His heroic rabbit characters broke through the pages of the books and joined my kids on their backyard adventures, and…

Great Children’s Book Resources for Christian Parents

During a recent talk on reading aloud to our kids as a ministry, I was delighted and surprised to see how hungry attendees were for resources to help them discern which storybooks and novels would guide their kids to the true, the beautiful, and the lovely. If you’re struggling to decide upon the next read-aloud…

Discerning Secular Ethics in Medicine

I’ve mentioned before the divide I’ve witnessed between spirituality and medical care. Namely, I’ve seen people in the throes of serious illness confront issues of life and death — which are profoundly spiritual — and find themselves flummoxed by an institution so complex and  removed from Christian thought that it leaves them flailing for guidance….

The Only Freedom from Remorse

My next Desiring God wrestles with guilt that runs deep, and the freedom that God pours out upon us through Jesus. The Only Freedom from Remorse

Prayers on Mother’s Day

I’m reposting this desiring God article from last year, as we contemplate this business of mothering: He Loves You Even More Than I Do Thank you Lord for our children, and blessings to moms everywhere.  

In Search of Home

We all long for home. As time passes walls crack, bricks crumble, floors collect dust. Places forget us. In our hearts, we remain wanderers, searching. Christ knows that place. Christ calls us home. In Search of Home , Desiring God

If God Doesn’t Heal You

My next article on Desiring God explores how single-minded prayers for healing can mislead us and shake our faith — unnecessarily — when illness strikes. If God Doesn’t Heal You

CMDA Podcast on Heart Issues in Medical School

I had the privilege of a discussion with Bill Reichert, the VP of Campus & Community Ministries at the Christian Medical and Dental Association, about how the stresses of medical school can threaten our walk in faith.  The podcast is now available on iTunes, as episode 11. God Desires Your Heart, Not Your Degree —…

Book Review: Finding Grace in the Face of Dementia

I was honored to write a review for Dr John Dunlop’s new book on grappling with dementia while following Christ. The book is both informative and sensitive, and I’d highly recommend it. The review appears at The Gospel Coalition: Dignity in Dementia